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"I was inspired by Nancy's utmost professionalism.

... I always trusted that she would accurately represent my interests. Nancy worked tirelessly to find me my perfect home. She proved on countless occasions how dedicated she is to her clients".

Sian Mill

"Nancy has been extremely efficient and professional and at the same time never at any time forgot about how important and difficult the sale of our family home after 18 years was for my two children.

You had our interest at heart at all times and never lost your professionalism. We would like to thank you for all your effort and patience. Anybody looking for a caring, yet professional Realtor, should not hesitate to call you".

Alex, Monika, Laura and Sabrina Besharat

"She is informative, knowledgeable and able to see into the needs of clients.

Nancy quickly analyses relevant information and works out her strategy for negotiation. She is a brilliant and experienced negotiator with clever tactics to ensure we could get the best price. Nancy has a good analytical mind, flexible with intense passion and fascinating momentum in Realty. She is competent, responsible and the perfect personality that is required of in Realty profession. We truly and without reservation, recommend Nancy to anyone with buying and selling needs."

Dana & KK Chan

"Nancy was so reliable and trustworthy.

She treated our home buying procedure as herself wanting to buy a home. We were impressed by Nancy's professional practice. She was so precise and targeted accurately for our need. Nancy acted in our best interests and was super excellent at negotiations. According to our experience, we strongly believe that no matter representing a seller or a buyer, Nancy will be an outstanding Realtor and will do an excellent job. We thank Macdonald Realty for having such a great realtor in your team".

Shawn Wang & Ivy Sun

"Meeting with Nancy turned out to be the best decision we could have made.

Her professionalism helped us through every stage of the process and her marketing plan was thorough and broad. In the end she helped us sell our home in weeks instead of months and made our transition very smooth. Without hesitation, we recommend Nancy to anyone looking for competence and professionalism in a Realtor".

John & Silvia Novosad

"Nancy’s work ethics are impeccable, and her passion for the job makes her serious with cheeriness and responsible.

She knew exactly what we were looking for. Nancy gave us her one hundred and ten percent with her excellent analyzing and negotiation skills. She paid attention to every little detail. Throughout the whole process, we could feel Nancy’s passion for her job; we are more than satisfied with her attention to detail and her ability to analyze and judge the situation - she’s a very good negotiator. Overall, we want to express our gratitude for everything Nancy’s done for us. She is an exceptional Realtor and we recommend her to anyone who is looking for a world-class Realtor".

Shirley Chao & Tao Xie

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